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Edge-based Collision Avoidance for Vehicles and Vulnerable Users5G-CARMEN Use Cases and Requirements (Politecnico di Torino | Repository istituzionale)

5G-CARMEN IN THE MEDIA – The Italian “Strade e Autostrade” (EDI-CEM Srl – “Strade & Autostrade”) published an article about 5G-CARMEN in their last press release of April 2020

5G PPP Annual Journal 2019


Project partner CNIT has just added their latency measurement program, called “LaTe”, which is completely open source and which was recently extended with AMQP 1.0 features for testing over an AMQP broker. It is related both to a custom, open and lower-layer agnostic latency measured protocol, called “LaMP”, and to a program for flexible and advanced latency measurements, running on Linux (including Android, when a terminal emulator is used); this tool, called “LaTe”, is able to perform measurements by means of LaMP over UDP and LaMP over AMQP 1.0, enabling the possibility to test the latency KPI (both RTT and unidirectional) over the ActiveMQ broker which will be deployed for some of the use cases. Furthermore, is it constantly being developed and updated with newer features, with the aim of providing an “all-in-one” tool for assessing network delays under different scenarios and when using different underlying technologies. The software can be downloaded hereThe link provided here can also be used to download the open LaMP specifications (revision 2.0).


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